Learn Spanish in a boutique language school
in Cantabria, the North of Spain 

Languages & More offers tailor-made private Spanish classes in a small village in rural Cantabria, northern Spain, yet very close (20 min. drive) to Santander, the capital of the province. Learn to speak Spanish in a homely atmosphere. Whatever your reason for studying Spanish, our lessons are customized to your individual needs and objectives.

Enthousiastic, dedicated teachers

We are a team of experienced and highly qualified teachers, who are all 100% dedicated to your progress. However, at Languages & More we wish to do more than just teaching you the Spanish language. It is our aim to make you familiar with Spanish customs, the Spanish way-of-life and Spanish traditions, and where possible let you experience it. Speaking a foreign language enriches your visit to its country, since it allows you to have conversations with the locals, thus allowing you to understand their culture a lot better.

If you would like to learn Spanish and come with a partner, friend, colleague or family, we are happy to teach you all (together or separately).

Languages & More is the realization of a dream. Anke, a real European citizen, has been living in Spain for over 20 years. She came for work, but started to appreciate the Spanish culture and way-of-life and never left again. When she met her husband she moved up to the north of Spain, where she then decided to change careers and started teaching languages. She thoroughly enjoyed it, and slowly started working on her unspoken dream; setting up her own language school. At first she started a joined-venture, Vos y Nos, but after 3 years of successful business, she decided to go it alone. That’s when she started Languages & More.

Languages & More is a boutique language school, offering private Spanish classes in a personal atmosphere. Anke and her team of experienced teachers, are very keen on showing you the area, and telling you about the Spanish way of doing things. They will do their utmost to make you feel at home, and provide you with an extraordinary experience of living the Spanish life and learning the Spanish language.

Private tailor-made Spanish classes, for seniors, adults, expats, students or even children. A great experience for as long as you wish, you may come for a weekend, a week, or even longer. The programme will be tailored to your personal needs and objetives. Please feel free to contact us for a personalized offer.

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