• Private Spanish courses in northern Spain

  • In a homely atmosphere,
    at a unique location

  • Close to the sea, beaches and mountains

  • In an unspoiled region
    with picturesque villages

  • Experience Spanish culture and lifestyle

  • Learning Spanish:
    easy and fun for everyone!


The easiest way to learn Spanish

Learn Spanish with LANGUAGES & MORE, because we are:



Spanish Immersion Course visiting the Guggenheim museum Bilbao

Spanish Immersion Course

A Spanish Immersion Course in Spain is the ideal way to quickly advance your Spanish language skills in a very short period of time. The programme will be fully adapted to your personal wishes and needs. You will be exposed to the Spanish language…
Spanish language and history course

Spanish history course

Our Spanish history course is ideal for those who are intrigued by Spanish history and/or art and have a reasonable level of Spanish (B1+). We will provide you with a personalized programme, adapted to your interests and preferences. Optional…
Spanish language and sailing course

Spanish language course and sailing

Learn Spanish in the morning and go sailing in the afternoon! Cantabria is ideal for sailing thanks to a more than 200 km long coastline. It's a perfect way to be active, to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and to practise your Spanish speaking…

Spanish lessons and Spanish culture

Learn Spanish and get to know about Spanish traditions Today, 15th May, is San Isidro Labrador, (Saint Isidore the Farmer).  San Isidro is the Catholic patron saint of farmers, aswell as of a numerous cities and towns in Spain (e.g. Madrid)…

Spanish and cooking

Practise your culinary skills whilst speaking Spanish. The best way to learn the Spanish language is by doing something you enjoy doing. Instead of thinking about difficult grammar questions or word constructions, you will be thinking about…

Easter in Spain

Spain, a wonderful country full of culture and tradition. At Languages & More we strongly believe, that to learn a language, you have to understand the culture of its people. Holy Week, in Spanish "Semana Santa", is a very important religious…

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