Best place to learn Spanish

What’s the best place to learn Spanish?

Should you learn Spanish in Spain or in Latin America? There are plenty of language schools offering Spanish courses all over the world. Where should you go to learn Spanish? Some people say that Colombian Spanish is the clearest and most beautiful form of the language. Some say that Argentine Spanish is the sexiest Spanish. Others believe that the Spanish of Madrid is the most important, as that is the home of the Real Academia Española which regulates the language.

It shouldn’t be a question of Spanish versus Latin American Spanish. When choosing where to learn Spanish, make sure that you go to an area where Castellano (and not a regional language) is spoken on a daily basis so that you can practise your speaking and listening skills in your free time. Apart from that, you should focus on where you would rather be, (Europe or Latin America), what kind of climate you prefer,  what kind of surroundings you like (beach, mountains ..), what you would like to do in your free time and what kind of experience you would like to have.

Rest assured, whatever variety of Castellano you learn, you will be understood all over the Spanish-speaking world.

If you prefer a mild climate, personal attention, private lessons, quick progress, tailor-made Spanish lessons, interactive and practical minded lessons, a wide range of free time activities on offer locally, a beautiful country side, sea, beaches and mountains; then the best place to learn Spanish is Languages & More!

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