Easter in Spain

Spain, a wonderful country full of culture and tradition. At Languages & More we strongly believe, that to learn a language, you have to understand the culture of its people.

Holy Week, in Spanish „Semana Santa“, is a very important religious celebration in Spain. It is the tribute of the Passion of Jesus Christ celebrated by Catholic religious brotherhoods and fraternities that perform penance processions and/ or live scenes in almost every town and city throughout the country. All of them are enormously dramatic and impressing since they are filled with meaning, ritual and tradition. When watching these processions and scenes, you can feel religion coming alive. Heavy ornate statues depicting the Crucifixion are carried through the streets, surrounded by the smell of incense and the sounds of drums and trumpets. The „costeleros“ (those who carry the floats with the statues) walk in the swaying rhythm of the mournful marching tune. The statues are huge, tall and wide and are carried on an ornate wooden dais, adorned with lanterns and gold leaf flakes; they can easily weigh 2000 kg (5,000 pounds).

If ever you have a chance to go to Spain at Easter, don´t miss out on the Easter processions.

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