Frequently asked questions

Please feel free to ask quetions when you contact Languages & More- we are here to help. Most of your concerns will be answered immediately, however, if not, we will respond within a few days if research is needed. A few questions are provided below to give you a flavour of the type of concerns previous students have had.

How can I take part in activity courses?

Let us know which activities you are interested in, and we shall do our best to arrrange it for you. All activities are in Spanish which helps you to improve both your vocabulary and fluency. Study Spanish in the morning, and follow one of the activity courses in the afternoon. The activities have its own timetable, fee, and venue. Some activities require a minimum number of participants, others have limited places.

Do I get my money back when I have to cancel?

Nobody likes to cancel, but sometimes things turn out differently and we need to change our plans. This can happen to any of us and we fully understand. However, please understand that we have to plan our courses and teachers in advance. Since these are private courses, cancellations and change of dates do result in high costs for us. We have therefore established our terms and conditions which we think are fair to both you, as a client, and Languages & More.

How do I know my level?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is a great help for defining the level of language knowledge. There are also a number of language tests available online; once completed they give you an indication of your level.

Can I add lessons or extend the length of my course whilst attending?

If you are happy, we are happy too! Yes, you can take as many additional lessons or extend your stay as long as you like, provided we have availability.

I would like to do the immersion course together with my partner, is that possible?

Yes, that’s possible. The big advantage of the immersion course is that you hear and speak Spanish all day long, including the evenings. We are happy to offer the immersion course for two people at a time, however, we recommend that you both have a similar level of Spanish.

I‘m planning to follow a Spanish course, but my partner doesn’t want to. Could he join me on excursions or with activities, nevertheless?

Yes, your partner is welcome to join you in the activities or on excursions. However, all activities are in Spanish. Who knows, your partner may end up learning Spanish him / herself!

I have paid a deposit into your account, but I haven´t heard from you since.

Once we receive your deposit into our account we will send you a confirmation email. If you haven´t heard from us within 14 days, please contact us.

Do I need to buy a course book in advance?

No, you don´t need to buy any coursebook in advance. Our materials are adapted to each of our students. We have a variety of coursebooks we can recommend. If you wish to purchase one, it will be available from Languages & More.

Are accommodation and meals included?

Accommodation and meals are only included with the Spanish Immersion course, the Paying guest and the Special 50+ all inclusive deal. For all other courses accommodation and meals are not included. Please look at our suggestions for accommodation, feel free to ask us for help with your reservation, we are happy to do so.

What happens if the activity I have booked doesn’t take place?

If an activity fails to take place (e.g. because the minimum number of participants hasn’t been reached) you will be offered the choice to change to the next available date, to a different activity or, in case you already paid for the activity course, you may opt for reimbursement.

I have booked an immersion course. My flight arrives the night before. Can I book an extra night?

Yes, of course you can book an extra night, we are flexible. Just let us know in advance so that we can arrange it. You will be charged an extra night.

I would like to come with a family of 5. None of us speaks Spanish, but we all want to learn it as a preparation for our South America trip. Can you teach us together?

Yes, we are happy to teach your family of 5 members. The lessons will be designed to meet your individual family needs. We will prepare the lessons as a valid preparation for your travel to South America, making sure we cover functionalities such as ordering, buying, making reservations, talking about health problems, complaining.

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