Our methodology

Communicative, engaging and fun
private Spanish lessons with Languages & More.

Over the years, Languages & More has developed its own methodology for teaching the Spanish language. This successful methodology leads to a notable improvement in all linguistic areas (speaking, listening, writing, reading) with the emphasis on communication skills, pronunciation, word-, and sentence stress. Where appropriate we will take you to the local shops, bars or market and practice with reality products; which is the big advantage of studying a language in its own country. For a student, there is nothing more stimulating than being able to successfully apply the newly learned language in real situations!

Benefits of our methodology

Our Spanish lessons

are communicative, engaging and fun

are tailor-made to your needs, objectives and interests

are adapted to your learning style and pace

are practically minded

are in Spanish

are based on a level assessment

have carefully selected activities

use specially developed techniques

are entertaining and dynamic

Their benefits for you

→ feel at ease and make rapid progress

→ learn what you really want to learn

→ maximize your progress

→ apply your learnings immediately in daily life

→ speak Spanish from day one

→ build upon your previous knowledge

→ enforce your active communication skills

→ ensure successful and meaningful learning

→ have fun and enjoy your lessons

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