Who do we teach?

Spanish to adults and seniors, all levels

Languages & More teaches adults, seniors and students who want to learn or improve the Spanish language for pleasure, for business, for studies, for family reasons, for travelling, or for whatever other reason. Your previous Spanish level will be taken into account when designing your individual programme.

For teenagers and children please contact us.

Tailor-made lessons

The lessons are completely adapted to each student’s personal needs; whether you are an advanced student and wish to improve your Spanish skills, or whether you are an absolute beginner and wish to learn the basics or just basic sentences of the Spanish language. Previous to your Spanish language course, we will discuss your individual objectives and interests, in order to plan the course accordingly. Your previous knowledge of the Spanish language will be taken into account as well. During the course, we will monitor and adjust the programme where necessary. This system guarantees the bet possible results for each individual student. At Languages & More we think that every student deserves the best of the best.

Adapted to your pace of learning

Our private Spanish lessons are completely adapted to each student’s personal pace of learning. There is no need to feel stressed because you cannot keep pace, nor will you feel bored because the pace is too slow. In our private lessons you will learn what you really want to learn, at your peronal pace of learning. They are therefore the most effective type of lessons, and you will be motivated at all times.

Come alone, together or with a small group

Private lessons are the most efficient way of learning a language, and can be given on a 1-to-1, 2-to-1 basis up to small private groups. If you wish to have class with a partner, with your family or with friends, we recommend you all have a similar level. In case you have a different level, we can arrange for simultaneous classes.

Please feel free to contact Languages & More and we will be more than happy to provide you with a personalized offer.

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