Why private classes?

Private classes are

  • 100% dedicated to you
  • tailor-made to your personal needs
  • designed to meet your individual objectives
  • adapted to your schedule
  • flexible in hours and course length
  • adapted to you learning style and pace
  • more efficient than group lessons
  • using your time most effectively

Tailor-made private Spanish classes

Prior to the course, Languages & More will discuss your individual needs, objectives and interests and develop a tailor-made programme in terms of content, timetable and activities. An assessment test will give us information about your Spanish level at the start of the course, which we will use as a basis for the lessons.

Private classes for individuals, couples, families or companies

Private classes can be on a 1-to-1 or  2-to-1 basis, or in small groups. If  you wish to come with a friend, partner or even with your family; just let us know and we will tailor  the course to your needs and requirements. However, a similar Spanish level is a prerequisite for being able to be taught together in the same lesson. If your levels are different, we can organize simultaneously held private lessons, as long as you let us know it in advance. We are happy to organise private classes for small groups, just ask us for a quotation.

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