Private Spanish courses in Spain

tailor-made, at a unique location

Unique location
Languages & More is a Boutique language school in Northern Spain. Our private Spanish courses take place in a lovely country house, close to sea, beaches and mountains, in an unspoiled region where most locals only speak Castellano, the official language of Spain and Latin America. You will learn the ins and outs of the Spanish language in a personal atmosphere, and get an inside view of Spanish culture and way-of-life.

All our private Spanish courses are completely tailor-made to your personal requirements. You decide on the course content, date, duration and hours per day, and we design a personal course programme for you. The lessons are adapted to your own learning pace, ensuring that you feel comfortable and at ease at all times.  Your progress is monitored during the course, and the course programme will be adapted where and when necessary, in order for you to obtain the best possible results in learning Spanish.

Most time efficient
Private Spanish courses are the most time efficient way of learning Spanish, because 100% of the teacher’s attention is focused on you personally, and you will only learn what you really want to learn.

Very professional teachers
Our enthusiastic, experienced and highly qualified teachers are fully committed to your progress and are keen on sharing their knowledge about the Spanish language, culture and way-of-life. All teachers are native Spanish speakers and are all fluent in at least one other language, which enables them to understand your learning progress and to help you master any difficulties you may experience. They are able to motivate you and to build up your confidence.

Successful techniques
Carefully selected activities enforce your active communication skills, and our specially developed techniques ensure successful and meaningful learning. The lessons are entertaining, interactive and practical minded, some may take place in local shops, markets or bars. Beginners and advanced students will be speaking Spanish from day one.

Languages & More: the best place to learn Spanish
No matter whether you wish to learn Spanish for business, for leisure or for your studies, no matter your age; Languages & More is the right place to come for private Spanish courses in a personal Spanish atmosphere. Our private Spanish courses can be on a 1-to-1 , 2-to-1 basis or even in small groups.

Languages & More is a lot more, than just learning Spanish!

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