Spanish for conversation

A personal and relaxed atmosphere
Languages & More offers Spanish conversation classes, tailor-made to your needs and interests. We are located in a small village in rural Northern Spain, only a 20-minute drive from Santander. Your conversation classes will take place in a relaxed atmosphere in a beautiful country house, close to sea, beaches and mountains. It is the ideal place to relax, and forget about your daily routine back home.

Personal attention
We are a Boutique Language school offering personal attention. You will improve your communication skills, and learn about Spanish customs, traditions and way-of-life. Your private Spanish conversation classes can take place outside on the veranda with stunning views, in a local pub, or we can even go for a walk whilst speaking Spanish. It’s a relaxed, and therefore very effective way of speaking Spanish.

Spanish history course
Speak about things you are interested in, and become confident in doing so. If you wish to learn more about Spanish history, Spanish art, Spanish culture and traditions, or about Cantabria’s history, please do not hesitate to let us know, we are happy to plan it into your individualized course programme.

Communicating in Spanish and with locals;
that is when a language really becomes fun!

Don’t worry about making mistakes
With traditional language classes, there is often very little time for conversation. However, when you get to a certain level, it is important to leave grammar behind and just talk. Don’t worry about making mistakes, the main thing is to make yourself understood and to get your point across: the more you speak, the better you become!

Practise Spanish in your free time
In order to improve your Spanish communication skills even more, you can do one of the many activities in your free time. There is great variety of sports on offer locally, from watersports to sports on land, Due to the beautiful and varied landscape, there are lots of things to do locally; from excursions, to sports to local activity courses.  There are very few tourists in this region, and most local people speak nothing else other than Spanish, so you will have lots of opportunities to speak Spanish. Your confidence will soon be boosted!

Total immersion
To optimize your exposure to the Spanish language and culture, we also offer the possibility of total immersion, in which you will be living with your teacher (and family) and have private conversational Spanish classes. You will take part in their family life, and get an inside view of Spanish lifestyle. By the way, if you prefer to have a mixture of Spanish conversation lessons with grammar, listening and/or writing activities, then please let us know. Your private Spanish class is fully tailor-made to your personal needs, objectives and interests.

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