Spanish for Seniors

A relaxed and homely atmosphere
Spanish for seniors is for people aged 50 and above. Did you know that the “Silver age group” is the most active in terms of travelling and learning languages?  You will have Spanish lessons in a relaxed and homely atmophere, in a beautiful setting in the country side. At Languages & More you will enjoy yourself and have fun in learning Spanish.

Personal attention
We are a Boutique language school, where you will get personal attention. It is our aim to give you a valuable experience of learning Spanish whilst experiencing the Spanish culture and way of life. To really speak a language well, you need to understand the people of the language.

Tailor-made private classes
Our private Spanish for seniors classes are on a 1-to-1 basis, and are fully tailored to your personal objectives, needs and interests. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Spanish speaker, whether you want to learn basic Spanish, conversational Spanish or business Spanish; Languages & More will develop an individual course programme, tailored to your specific requirements and interests. If you wish, you can come with your partner, friend or family. The course will be adapted to the requirements of the group.

Engaging and interactive lessons
Our highly experienced teachers will adapt the classes to your learning style and pace. Our carefully selected activities enforce your active communication skills, and specially developed techniques ensure successful and meaningful learning. Our Spanish for seniors classes are entertaining and practical orientated, so don’t be surprised if we take you to the local shops, markets or bar and ask you to do the speaking for us!

Freetime activities
In your spare time, you can do lots of optional activities; such as visiting a museum, a local cheese factory or picturesque villages, go walking, do a wine tasting, to name just a few. Let us know what you’d like to do, and we will help you organize it, or, we are happy to be your host and give you an inside view of Spain and its culture.

Spanish immersion
If you want to optimize your exposure to the Spanish language and lifestyle, consider the immersion course, in which you will have private Spanish classes, you will live with the teacher and their family, be part of their family and share their daily routine.

Special Spanish language holidays 50+ 
Twice a year, Languages & More organizes the “Spanish language holidays 50+” course. It is a Spanish culture and language group course for seniors (50+). You will stay in a beautiful Boutique hotel, have Spanish group classes, excursions, activities, typical Spanish meals, and lots of fun with people of your own age group. A week to relax and enjoy yourself. For more information 

Please feel free to contact us  for any questions or a personal offer.

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