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Free online Spanish course

This free online Spanish course is a new page to our website and will be expanded little by little.

At Languages & More we all have a passion for languages, and would like to help anyone who wants to learn the Spanish language, whether you use this page as your only means to learn Spanish, or as a support to your regular classes.

A language cannot be learned in 1 hour.
Learning Spanish is easy, since it is a language with some very logical rules. But remember; nobody has learned to swim in one hour, and nobody has learned to speak Spanish in one hour. Our recommendation is to spend a little time every day; it is better to spend 30 minutes every day, than 3,5 hours once a week. Try to be exposed to the Spanish language as much as you can, be it through songs, radio, television, films, the internet or social media. It is important that you get used to the sounds and the rhythm of the language; just speak up loud and repeat the sounds for yourself, as much as you can.

Making errors is human
When learning Spanish (or any other language), please keep in mind that this can only be done by making errors; so don´t feel shy or scared to do so! People normally appreciate it if you try to speak their language, and many of them would wish to be able to speak your language! If you accept this, you have already made a big step in learning Spanish. Just remember, you don’t need perfection to speak a language, the most important thing is communication; to get your message across and understand other people. Once you manage to do so, you can start to perfect your Spanish.

In this free online language course, Languages & More would like to teach you some of the basics of the Spanish language, in order to help you with your day to day Spanish conversations.

We hope you enjoy this free online Spanish course.

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