Online Spanish classes

Online Spanish classes are ideal to practise and improve your Spanish communication skills. Whilst talking about a great variety of subjects, you will keep your Spanish up to date.

Online Spanish classes have the following advantages:

  • you can start at any time (there is no official starting date)
  • you don’t waste time commuting to and from class,
  • you can adapt the lesson schedule to your busy agenda
  • you can have your class from anywhere in the world
  • you speak to natives without travelling to Spain


On a previously agreed day and time you will receive a phonecall (via Skype) from Languages & More and have a 30-minute conversation with your native Spanish teacher. You will perfect your fluency and pronunciation, whilst gaining confidence in speaking on the phone. Your teacher encourages and corrects you where and when necessary. Spanish accents as well as the Spanish speed of speaking will soon become familiar to you. It is a very efficient way of improving your Spanish communication skills without physically going to Spanish classes. Don’t worry if you have to travel, as long as you have an internet connection, you can have your online Spanish classes from anywhere in the world.

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