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Today, 15th May, is San Isidro Labrador, (Saint Isidore the Farmer).  San Isidro is the Catholic patron saint of farmers, aswell as of a numerous cities and towns in Spain (e.g. Madrid) and in South America.  It’s a religious celebration of the generosity of San Isidro (a poor farmer) and his wife, Santa Maria de la Cabeza, in giving food to the poor and animals.

On Saturday 13th May, Santiurde de Toranzo, a small village, not far from Santander, celebrated it’s saint San Isidro. The day started off with a mass at 11:30, sung by the choir Virgen del Soto, and followed by a small procession of the Saint through the village. After that people gathered at the village square, where a raffle took place. Each household of the community had been given a raffle ticket and had a chance to win one of the many prizes, ranging from plants to wheelbarrows, hedge trimmers, shovels, spades, rakes and so forth. Meanwhile, chorizo was put on the barbecue, which all people present were invited to. In the afternoon, starting at 4pm, there were games for the children, and at 9pm the village party started, with life music by the ”Trio Luz de Luna” and a delicious barbecue. The festivities continued until well into the night.

Today, 15th May, is a public holiday in Madrid, The “Fiesta de San Isidro”, is Madrid’s largest festival. Throughout Madrid you will find the typical organ grinders (barquilleros) in their San Isidro costume selling traditional sweet snacks called “barquillos”. Some people are wearing the traditional costume, others will be eating the typical dish “Cocido Madrileño” of chickpeas and vegetables, or will be dancing to the music of one of the open air concerts. Next to that, San Isidro marks the beginning of the bull fighting season in Madrid.

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